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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 23, 2012 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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go national. go like a pro. [ male announcer ] 6 years old. then 7. going on 11. in the blink of an eye, they're all grown up. marie callender's homemade tastes are another great reason to sit down and savor every last moment. ♪ because time flies... right before your eyes. marie callender's. it's time to savor. i'm craig melvin, you are watching msnbc, the place for
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politics. 44 days until election day, and right now millions of dollars and hundreds of political activists are streaming into these crucial battleground states. we start with one of the most critical, ohio. the latest poll from the buckeye state tops the political headlines this sunday where president obama is up five points over mitt romney, and to give you an idea of how crucial the buckeye state is, check out the campaign schedule for just this wednesday. there it is right there. the president hitting up bowling green and kent. mitt romney stumping in toledo and westerville and cleveland. the romney campaign, once again, trying to reset after a very difficult week. but the head of the rnc insists that things are fine. >> i think that we had a good week last week. i think that in retrospect in that we were able to frame up the debate. >> it is a talk point coming from the team romney and the chair of the california finance committee who h to-- told donor
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the same thing. >> i know at this moment you are feeling worried and frustrate and angry as you watch president obama and the mainstream media and pundits attack mitt with distortions and inaccuracies, so i want to share some thoughts with you tonight and provide you with some comfort. polls are not elections. the voters have not spoken. >> and some democrats are trying to make more hay about mitt romney has released the 2011 tax returns and he paid 14%, but only because he did not take all of the deductions. >> at the end of the week we saw him manipulating his own tax returns to plump up his portions of taxes to 14%. >> you are talking about not taking the charitable deductions? >> right. two months ago on your own air said that if he did not take the deductions, he is not qualified to be president, and he is not,
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because that is what he did. >> the romney campaign is tuning it up by going with a bus stop in ohio and a rally in colorado, and now pete alexander is in denver where he will be speaking tonight. pete, you are joining us by telephone, and what can you tell us about the campaign game plan? >> well, the campaign will be arriving in a short time from here where they have two events in colorado over the next few days. this is one of the eight crucial battlegrounds. as you know, there is a lot of criticism that romney spent a l lot of of time fund-raising, but not as much time speaking to the voters. h he is going to try to pick up the pace of the campaign going forward and accelerating with two stoms in colorado over the next few days, and between he and paul ryan, they will hit six cities across the battleground of ohio and in addition to the stop that you have been discussing as well in virginia. they recognized that it was a
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bad couple of weeks, but they are defilly optimistic and fair to say, craig, the campaign advisers recognize they have to effectively deliver their economic message, and the core message right now and they can't waste any more time. >> defiantly optimistic. and while i have you here ten days before the first debate, are you hearing how the debate prep is going? yes, mitt romney was in los angeles yesterday raising close to $6 million by some accounts in beverly hills when his wife, ann, was there and you know about the smoke that forced her to have an emergency landing here in denver, and he described it as her choking and rubbing her eyes at one moment, but that is an aside, while in l.a. he was joined by rob portman who has been playing the role of the foe, foe barack obama, and they are trying to inflate the expectations for the opponent and trying to lower their own
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expectations, but say all sorts of nice things which they don't do very often unless there is a strategic effort going on and saying, well, mitt romney has had dozenbes of debates in the prix mares and he should be excellent and the romney people saying of obama, he the best orator of our time, and we will find out in ten days here in the mile high state. >> and well, the secret service is sweeping the place. thank you, pete, for your work. >> sure. >> right now, we will get some insight into the romney campaign from a republican strategist who is supporting the governor's white house bid, juliana glover who served on the senior staffs of vice president cheney and then john ashcroft as well. joining me is juliana, and good afternoon to you. >> thank you for having me. >> first of all, i want to play the piece of sound from david brooks on "meet the press" and this is what she had to say about the romney campaign or mitt romney specifically.
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>> mitt romney does not have the passion for the stuff he is talking about. he is a problem solver and nonideological person running an extremely ideological age and faking it. so go with what he has been for the last decades of his life, be a powerpoint guy. >> juliana, what is the take on that? is he faking it? should he try the power point presentations? >> well, as you know, he is really good with whiteboards. at this point in time, he does not have a choice but to go ahead and argue the arguments as well as he can, if that is what it takes to revert to the sort of bain consultant mode and nauk hard numbers and concede it is not his strength to really wing it or act in ways that are sort of warm and fuzzy. he is, as we know, a core competency guy. he is someone who is exceptionally good at fixing problems, but he is not real good at kissing the babies. that is just not who he is. again, at this point in time, we have a couple more weeks to go, and we hear lots of talk right
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now about how important those defwat d debates are going to be and been in 20 debates and won 16 of them, and the obama campaign is working very hard to really raise that bar for him. the bar is raised. he is going to deliver. he is going to have to deliver, and he's also going to have to start talking hard numbers and what the american people are facing in terms of the challenges and 8% unemployment, et cetera. >> you mentioned president obama, conservative analyst and writer bill kristol gave some credit to president obama today and i want to give your take on this and talk about it on the other side. take a listen. >> this election is just about the last four years, that is a muddy verdict, because bush was president in the ooh financial meltdown and they have urned the it around very well, and the clinton speech at the convention turned it around in a way, and how horrible it was four years ago. >> and is bill kristol right, in that he has spent too much time trying to make it merely a
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referendum on the president? >> that is not the problem. the problem has been that we've not really had a serial number of days where we have been able to talk about the same numbers and situations that the american people are facing. $4 a gallon gasoline, and $5 a gallon diesel fuel, and houses underwater all over the country, and those are issues where the american public is starting to pay attention, governor romney has to make sure that is laid directly at the feet of president obama, and also make clear that he has the capability and own the fact that he is someone who can fix this problem certainly better than president obama has done so far in the last four years. >> juliana, that is the argument that the campaign has been making. they have spent months talking about the economy and now poll after poll shows that the message the economic message of the romney campaign is no longer resonating especially in places
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like florida. why is that? >> well, i would disagree. i think that the campaign through oftentimes which is unforced errors, and mistakes that have been made by the campaign, has not had a real opportunity to go out and just have him give the same speech over and over in different media markets across the battleground states and have is the speeches carried on the local news every night that speak to the challenges of the american people right now and their daily lives. and right now it is about 47% and who said what when about benghazi being attacked and not about the pocketbook issues that people over their breakfast tables every morning talk about how they have to meet the challenge challenges. >> well, the argument could be made after the attack in benghazi, perhaps governor romney could have used that as a opportunity to make a swoo sweeping declaration of his foreign policy. >> hindsight is 20/20. >> that was two weeks ago. >> well, look, we can look back and make judgments on that and
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also make judgments on how president obama handled that. in the middle of what should have been a fog of intelligence information coming in, they come out to make unequivocal statements of how an attack on 9/111 had nothing to do with al qae qaeda, and put it this way, it is something that if they weren't simple incompetence, it is simple disingenuously. >> and you are not going to acknowledge that the romney campaign may have fumbled it a little bit as well. >> look, i think that we now know that both sides would have liked to have handle it differently, but what is important to note there is that, yes, governor romney has made mistakes and president obama has made mistake and there will be more made. >> we will leave it right there, and thank you much. it is a sunday afternoon and there are lots of other places where you could be. >> thank you for having me. >> it is the next big thing that could make or break the campaign.
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there is no soviet domination of eastern europe and there never will be under a ford administration. >> there you go again. are you better off than you were four years ago? >> senator, you are no jack kennedy. >> who m am i? why am i here? >> if history is any god, this year's debates could have a major impact on the outcome of the presidential election and how the candidates and the running mates are forever remembered. mitt romney spent this morning
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prepping for the first debate which is just ten days away now. he and president obama will spar over domestic issues including the economy, health care and the role of government. lit happen in denver, colorado, on october 3rd. joining me now is a professor of history and public affairs at princeton university, and the author of "reviving america, the revival of political history." what do you believe the debates will be so important? >> well, unless the polls change given romney's performance, it is still a tight race. those are moments like in 1960 when the debates can move the electorate just enough. >> and let's talk about this and talk about it on the other side. >> $10,000 bet? >> i'm not in the betting
4:16 pm
business, but i will -- >> okay. there's the infamous bet with governor perry. can mitt romney be trusted to speak off of the cuff? >> i think that overall, he did very well in the republican primary debates, and that is one example of a mistake, but most of the time he was relatively discipline and pretty tough with his opponents like newt gingrich but those kinds of slip-up s s the three-debate format can be extremely costly as we have seen in the past. so he can't make anymore $10,000 or million dollar bets because the democrats will use that to tag him as a creature of bain capital and a creature of wealth. >> take a listen to this clip. this is mitt romney debating late ted kennedy in the 1984 senate race. >> mr. romney, it is not a question of showing me your paper, but it is a question of showing all of the people in here that are watching this program the paper. they ought to have an opportunity to know.
4:17 pm
>> yeah, and i think it is a wonderful idea to take it through piece by piece and -- >> that is what you have to do with the legislation. that is exactly what you have to do with legislation. >> senator kennedy appeared to have governor romney on his heels there. how does mitt romney historically handle pressure on the debate floor? >> well, in 1994, he didn't handle it well. ted kennedy eviscerated him and made the two arguments that continue to resonate today. one, that mitt romney is a product of bain capital and the culture, and two, he is a flip-flopper. so romney has to continue in the next three debates to bring attention to issues like the economy, and back to the president, himself, and he did do that in the primaries. so he is able to do that. he did that with newt gingrich when gingrich launched these kinds of attacks. >> the lore of the first televised debate in 1960 is the john f. kennedy one looking tan and confident while richard nixon who refused to wear makeup looked pale and sickly.
4:18 pm
has history exaggerated the effect of television on the outcome of that election? >> for sure. all of the studies since then showed that while a few people said that kennedy looked great and nixon didn't look great, it is not clear that is really why the debates mattered. i think that people took a much bigger judgment and came to the conclusion aboutixon and kennedy. sometimes we exaggerate that, but there are those moments when looks matter, and whether it is someone being good looking like kennedy or in 2000 someone sighing all of the time like al gore, and those can make an impression. >> we have heard throughout the broadcast that president obama hasn't debated in a number of years and he might be rusty. mitt romney, of course sh, he h what seemed like 163 primary debates. is the president going to be rusty, you think? >> i don't think so. i think that he is very polished on the campaign trail. he has been pretty good other than the convention speech which i don't believe is one of the best, and he is going to be
4:19 pm
ready. he realizes because of the closeness of the race, he can't have a lackluster performance. so i think that he can repeat what he did in 2008 both the hillary clinton and later. >> thank you so much for your time, sir. >> thank you. coming up, a rust belt school is demanding success for all. we will show you how educators have made their school the highest rated in ohio. plus, michele bachmann, and thought she could be president and why now she is worried about keeping her congressional seat. this guy, that guy told police, that guy right there told police that he jum ped in a tiger den because he wanted to be one with the big cat. more details of this bizarre incident. you are watching msnbc. energy bill down to size? or get the yard ready for cool weather?
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in case you haven't heard the networks of nbc and universal are at the center of sedgeication nation this week. recently i had a chance to visit a school in ohio where the expectations are the same for everyone. >> reporter: at wells academy in stew bensville, ohio, children seem to learn to enjoy learning. really enjoy it. how would you describe yur school to a stranger? >> amazing. >> amazing? >> you can learn a lot. >> reporter: your elementary school is considered by many to be the best in ohio. >> well, we were rated the highest in ohio this past school year. >> reporter: surprising perhaps since disappearing steel jobs left high unemployment and a corroding rust belt time. at wells, 60% of the students live in poverty. >> one thinks that kids from poorer families can't achieve and they won't achieve.
4:24 pm
our philosophy is that the kids walk into the door, and they are all equal. no excuses on our part. >> reporter: it is part philosophy and part approach. since 2000, school officials have used a rigorous curriculum program called "success for all." there is an intense focus on reading and math. every school day starts with 90 minutes of uninterrupted readin reading. >> after you read, your partner reads, too, and you have to ask and retell what they read so that you can like ask them questions. >> and then it is on to 75 minutes of math. >> the kids can compute and problem, they will be good in sciences and so forth. >> let's go over number one again. >> reporter: there is a different teaching style here. >>s wiere used to the
4:25 pm
teacher talk, and they had to step back from being in control 100% of the day and constantly talking to let the students have time to talk. >> it is kids helping me out, regular kids. >> this is everyday? >> everyday. >> when they struggle and i understand the question, i explain it to them. >> at night parents are asked to sign homework proving they have participated. >> the homework was like, wait a minute, i have to look this up myself. >> reporter: success for all is not a fad and been in school since 1987, and today, there are roughly 1,000 schools in 47 states including roosevelt elementary here in dalton, illinois, that use the program. wells academy started in 2000 and soon after their state reading and math scores among the fourth graders consistently reached 100%. today, all but a handful of the 320 students read at or above grade level. despite thors and banners there are critics, because some complain it is too rigid and restrictive and the daily lesson plans are scripted.
4:26 pm
it is a regimented in the sense that no one is shooting from their hip if that is what we want to call regimented. then that is what i want. >> reporter: success for all does call for regular testing so teachers know precisely where they are, because at wells, struggling students get individualt attention and tutors and extra time on tasks and that is how they are changing the equation and making the grade at well withes academy. for the next few days, nbc's year-round initiative education nation is centered right here in new york city at the public library where there is a live look right there, and on tuesday, we will sit down with both presidential candidates to get their plans for reforming this country's education system. first though tonight, 6:00 eastern, msnbc's alex wagnor will host a special panel event about the role of parents and teachers, using the new drama "won't back down" as a backdrop.
4:27 pm
the parent/teacher association, and parent/teacher association airing right here tonight on msnbc. back to politics, and more speculation about hillary clinton's future from her husband. >> i think that we ought to give her a chance to organize her life and decide what she wants to do. i just don't know. >> oh, come on, bill. will she or won't she run in 2016? we will talk about that. and also, arnold is spilling all of the dirt with his affair with the housekeeper in a memoir, and it is a long memoir, too. and was he in denial about his son? what did he tell maria? you are watching msnbc, the place for politics. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters
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i'm craig mel vip and here is a look at the top stories. that man who jumped into the zoo at the bronx zoo will be issued
4:31 pm
a ticket, because police say he broke ribs and his right ankle and a pelvis after a 17-foot jump from a monorail friday afternoon. he told police it was not a suicide attempt, because he said he wanted to be quote one with the tiger. and what are you going to do after a love child ruins your marriage? well, you write a tell-all book apparently. arnold schwarzenegger's new memoir promises to reveal the story that you don't know about his affair with the housekeeper. and it is more than 600-some-odd pages and in an excerpt obtained by the "daily news" he writes, instead of doing the right thing i put the truth in a mental compartment and locked it up where i did not deal with it everyday. that book hits shelves october 1st. now, let's shift to minnesota where congresswoman michele bachmann has amassed quite a treasure chest for the re-election bid for the house seat there. as of july 25th, bachmann has
4:32 pm
raised and spent nearly $16 million according to the fcc report reports and that is more of any member of the house, and second to only john boehner, the speaker who has raised $18 million this election cycle. since her election to congress in 2006, the tea party star has been making an aggressive push for more tea party representation in the house. bachmann is now in a very close race with democrat jim graves, her first significant challenger since running for that seat back in 2006. joining me now to talk about it, in minneapolis, jennifer brooks of the "minnesota star tribune." jennif jennifer, good afternoon to you. >> hi. >> and congresswoman bachmann does not have trouble getting people to write cheshgs but there was an internal poll that notes that she has a pretty small lead that is well within the margin of error. why is bachmann facing such a strong challenge there in minnesota? >> well, certainly when the year
4:33 pm
began we never thought that we'd talk about michele bachmann having a competitive race. she was redistricted into a new seat at the beginning of the ye year, but the new sixth district is more conservative than the last one. but, there are a couple of factors that are working against bachmann right now. first of all, she does not even live in the sixth district. she is also coming off of a failed presidential campaign where she mostly ran touting the fact that she is really anti-obama which annoyed many people in minnesota, a nd she i running against an independent wealthy businessman jim graves who is making a serious try of convincing the conservatives that he is a fiscal conservative and has the jobs to set things right with the e con enemy. >> so he is well funded? >> he is well funded. you know, he has enough money himself to run for congress, and now he is starting to pick up some donations as well.
4:34 pm
of course, nothing even approaching $16 million. >> and michele bachmann is one of the most famous of the tea party members. is this a sign that the movement, itself, that the tea party movement may be in some trouble? >> she is as strong as she ever was among the social conservatives. the tea partiers love her shoochher. she is a known variable, and from what i know tea partiers love jim grave zs as well, and they love what he says on fiscal issues. >> what about the demographics of the district. how does it look? >> it is a very solidly conservative and a lot of wealthy person, and blue collar drones and the place where michele bachmann is very much at home. she has been working all summer to get to know the boundaries of the district, but she does not
4:35 pm
live there, and that could hurt her. >> how far away does she live? >> one district. the redistricting threw her in a head-to-head race with incumbent betty mccullough, and so instead of a bruising fight with a democratic in a more democratic district, she is running next door. >> jennifer brooks from the "minnesota tribute star." thank you so much for your time. thanks. you would expect that the two presidential candidates would hoo lean on your wives in the final weeks of the campaign, but in an article from "mother jones" mitt romney says he won't overuse his wife on the campaign trail. he said we use annb sparingly so that people won't get tired of
4:36 pm
her and start attacking. >> and so we are joined by erin mcbride, and heather and jennifer rubin who is a contributor the kudlow report and blogger for the washington post. all lay dison this sunday aft afternoon, by design. jennifer, you wrote in the "washington post" that republicans and mitt romney are fortunate to have ann romney around for many reasons. how important is she to the campaign? >> i think that she is very important. she does humanize him and has infectious enthusiasm and one of the reasons they don't use her is that romney is not being cand candid, because she does have health issues and cannot be stressed and used too much, but when she is, she is successful and when she is with him, he is better as well. and that is almost as important. >> i want to talk about something here that ann romney said, erin mcpike, and this is her responding to the republican critics of her husband's campaign on a radio show.
4:37 pm
take a listen. >> stop it. this is hard. you want to try it, get in the ring. in is hard. >> i love that. just stop it. you want to do this, you come in here and try it yourself. will she be able to quiet the dissident in her party? >> unlikely. >> the republican dissident should quiet down if mitt romney wants to have the republicans get in line behind him, but ann romney has shown a tendency to say things like this over time where she does not seem to like the press corps very much, and she has made remarks to that effect throughout the campaign, but, you know, i mean, we'll see. >> amanda, have you been as surprised as a lot of folks that we have heard so much from inside of the campaign and not so much inside of the campaign, but you know, republicans, strategists and all of the folks who have been really playing monday morning quarterback and they don't wait for monday morning, has that surprised you at all? >> i'm surprised at how quickly it came. i am not surprised when it happened, but when a candidate is down in the polls, you tend
4:38 pm
to have all of the anonymous advisers and anonymous democrats or republicans coming out to give their two cents, and i'm surprised how quickly it came and not just anonymously, but people like peggy noonan and big kristol saying, what are they doing? they need to get back on track. and at the convention when he was criticized for not being specific enough about the policy proposals and going to libya and the 47% remarks and he has been facing a lot of criticism from members of his own party. and jennifer, talking about ann romney and michelle obama working to get the voters engaged and last night she spoke on that subject specifically, and she addressed the congressional black caucus and take a listen. >> this is the movement of our era, protecting that fundamental right not just for this election, but for the next generation and generations to come, because in the end, it is not just about who wins or who loses or who we vote for on
4:39 pm
election day, it is about who we are as americans. >> anna mcpike, you have spent time covering michelle obama, and hands down the most popular obama in the country. >> no question. >> is there a risk of overusing her? a risk of using her too much? >> well, no. because what they are doing is sending michelle obama to a number of college campuses and states like north carolina and virginia and florida, places where president obama is not going because he is having bigger rallies at places like ohio state university at one of the first rallies there this summer, but while people are paying attention to the food fight going on between mitt romney and president obama, michelle obama is out there getting local press where it matters in many of the media markets in the swing states and getting positive press coverage for the president. they are yuzusing her very
4:40 pm
effectively. >> and i have asked this question to most, and they either don't answer the question or they lie. but, this idea that four years from now, if he is successful, jennifer rubin, could we see michelle obama pull a hillary clinton, do you think that perhaps she becomes the next first lady to toss her hat in the ring? >> i don't think so. i think that she has developed a he healthy antipathy for the press and the political process to the same degree that ann has perhaps. she is a good asset for him, but it is interesting how she is being used. she is essentially being used to pump up the base, those who showed up in droves the youth, and the campaign is concerned they won't turn out as heavily, and they are worried they won't show up, because they have lost other members of the 2008 coalitionings so the fact that she is sent out there to talk to the groups is a good way to build the base and make sure they are with them as president obama tries to steer the
4:41 pm
independent voters and it is a good match for them to approach the problems they have. >> stay around here, because we have a lot of obills to pay here at msnbc, so we will take a quick commercial break and when we come back, we want to talk about wisconsin governor scott walker encouraging mitt romney to get that fire in the belly. >> plus -- >> and she is tired. she has really worked hard. she has done a fabulous job and i'm very proud of her. >> tired now, but could hillary clinton be rested enough by 2016 to run for president? her other half talking about her plans. [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ]
4:42 pm
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throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. ♪ it has more of seven antioxidants to support cell health. that's one a day men's 50+ healthy advantage. we are back with the sunday brain trust and one name that keeps taking the spotlight away from both president obama and mitt romney, and that of course being bill clinton, the former president's global anti-poverty conference, the initiative is
4:45 pm
holding its annual meeting this week. and both president obama and mitt romney will address the gathering tuesday. jennifer, this is going to present an opportunity for the candidates to perhaps talk about some issues that they might not get to discuss on the campaign trail. who has the advantage here? >> well, i think that it depends how they use that time. they can use that to talk about their own foreign policy or use it to critique the other guy's foreign policy, and it is a good setting for both of them. in particular, i think that the president with the evolving story on libya has some real foreign policy problems and he may want to address and defend his own middle eastern policies and may want to use that time. >> ann, if you were addressing governor romney, what would you tell him to use that time for? >> he needs to use that time to tell the american public where he stands on the issues. so far he has been vague. and on afghanistan we know he agrees with the president's time line for withdrawal of 2014 and
4:46 pm
he says he would not have addressed it publicly, but beyond that we don't know too much of the foreign policy. they are realizing more and more that whether it is foreign policy or the economy, voters want to know more. >> one of the claims of mitt romney when he talked about explaining why he would not give more information with regard to the taxes that if you give folks more, that gives them more to tear apart, but a sprinkle here or there they don't have a lot to sift through, and what do you make of that argument? >> i mean, you can't do that. you are running to president. people are not going the simply be electing you because they like the way you look or the way you criticize the other guy, and they want to elect people, at least i hope voters do, but elect someone based on what they will do for the country, and mitt romney is absolutely right, people will attack him, but that is absolutely right, but it not be enan excuse not to be up front with the american public. >> and erin mcpike, the president is going to be
4:47 pm
skipping leaders oun within one with the u.n., and that is going to ul fa on hillary clinton who is enjoying a lot of press lately. her husband asked today on cbs "face the nation" what her future will be. this is his response. >> she is extraordinary person and i have never met anybody else who is a better public servant, but i have no idea what she will decide to do. >> really bi, bill? no earthly idea. you buy that? >> what i would say is this, a year ago bill clinton said absolutely no. and hillary clinton has said absolutely not. there has been a small change of what the clintons say about a potential run in 2016 and he also said that she will be writing a book after she leaves the obama administration, and writing a book generally means that you are setting yourself up for another presidential run. >> how eeold will she be in 201?
4:48 pm
>> 69 i believe. >> 69. wow. all right. what do you think, jennifer? do you think that hillary clinton at the top of the ticket in 2016? >> absolutely. she has one thing going for her and potentially one big problem. what she has going for her is that there are no other stars in the democratic party. if you looked at the convention, they don't have a chris christie or marco rubio or a lot of the young charismatic people and probably the biggest competition is governor cuomo from new york, but not a lot of competition and i think that in a race against joe biden she would flatten him. and the problem that she has however is a growing foreign policy problem, and she is secretary of state. the administration for a week or so has been telling us that the attacks on the embassy were all about this movie, and now they have had to change the tune as the facts have come out, and the president's middle east policy is coming under a lot of scrutiny, so either in the book or in the remaining weeks of the presidency, the first term, she
4:49 pm
said she is leaving either way, she is going to have to want to put her spin on things so that if there is a problem, she sfrats what she tried to do with what the president's policies were. >> i want to remention president obama as we said he is going to be skipping the meetings at the u.n., but he will have to have time to make an appearance on "the view" tuesday. and senior campaign adviser bob gibbs defended the president's decision on fox news sunday. listen. >> the president has block ed ot time to appear on the "the view" on tuesday, and so he has time for whoppi goldberg not world leaders? >> no. look. chris, the president will be actively involved in ton -- >> he is not meeting with any leaders, but giving a speech. >> and chris wallace seemed to have a little disdain for whoopi goldberg there. does this explanation hold
4:50 pm
water? >> well, president obama has been going around doing a lot of of the sbr views with the "the view" with the "the pimp with a limp" and a lot of people have been questioning if this is the best use of the president's time, but he is splitting the ddaddaj?e.épdauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuua
4:51 pm
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4:54 pm
back now with a sneak peek at some key events this week. our brain trust are with us, erin mcpike and amanda and anna. i want to start with you since you are sitting right here. ohio critical to both campaign, and the buckeye brawl perhaps, and foreign policy though could be an issue. >> yes, look, today the obama campaign announced that president obama on wednesday morning will be traveling to ohio for events at kent and bowling green which is the northern part of ohio with a lot of votes. very heavy on the democratic vote, but that is the same day that it has been announced for several days now that mitt romney will make a tour through ohio for three events in columbus and cleveland and toledo. so, look, probably the reason that the obama campaign is doing this is to washout some of the big local press that mitt romney was going to get because the obama campaign has had a big lead in ohio, and i shouldn't say big lead, but a long
4:55 pm
sustained lead over mitt romney for a while. >> got you. and jennifer, you believe that the obama administration's honesty over the libya crisis and the tone of the romney campaign and both of those things will be the big topics later in the week? >> i do. i think that you saw today on some of other sunday talk shows on networks that shall not be named that some of the obama officials had a hard time with that, and i believe that is going to continue to be the case as more and more facts come out and as the mainstream media gets into what actually happened when the administration w telling us something else. i think that on the romney side of the equation, i would look for one interesting development. for the first time today we saw an ad are the the romney folks utilizing bob woodward's book. i would look for more of that. i think that there is a gold mine of things in there that they are trying to make the argument that this president does not roll up the sleeves and does not produce results. there is a lot of valuable data in there and i am going to be curious to see if they continue
4:56 pm
the use woodedward's book this week. >> thank you. and 30 seconds, and i know you are looking at whether romney can reset the campaign? >> we keep hearing that he is going to, and the question is can mitt romney finally have a good week after libya, the 47%, and now he is going to be doing the bus tour in ohio. i mean, can mitt romney actually get over everything that's been going on and have a week without bad news? he releesased the 2011 tax retus last week, and got some of that sort of uncomfortable news out of the way, and this week, let's see if he is able to keep sailing ahead or something else comes up again. >> all right. thank you so much, the brain trust, erin, and jennifer and amanda, we do appreciate your time this sunday afternoon, ladies. >> thank you. >> thank you. and that does it for me. i'm craig melvin and this is of course, msnbc. and up next the education nation coverage continues. melissa harris-perry is moderating a town hall and at 6:00, there is a parent teacher
4:57 pm
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